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DUNN is an American furniture and lighting design firm committed to the creation of well-designed and meticulously crafted products. The firm creates timeless pieces influenced by nature and the aesthetic of mid-20th century modernism with a contemporary twist.

DUNN was established in 2010 by designer Asher Dunn. Proceeds from DUNN support Keeseh Woodshop (www.keeseh.com), a community workshop founded by Mr. Dunn that teaches and keeps alive the craft of woodworking. Mr. Dunn is also the co-founder of Anchor Providence (www.anchorprovidence.com), an arts and busines incubator helping others get their start.

Asher Dunn has recieved numerous honors including 'Best New Designer' at the 2010 International Contemporary Furniture Fair and New England Home's '5 under 40' accomplished in design and architecture.

The DUNN Philosophy

Originality // We speak in a functional, clear and independent design language that directs our premise: simplicity through beautiful, thoughtful design, American-made, honest materials. Our work pays tribute to the simplicity and purity of the materials themselves while visually representing the meticulous, considered process of design revision and attention to detail.

Materials // We are fascinated by honest materials and age old manufacturing techniques. Working with these techniques requires knowledge, patience, and love for the materials we work with. We work quite a bit in wood. To us, this material is personal; it lives, feels nice to the touch, and never looks the same. When treated correctly and respecting a materials strengths and weaknesses, we can create unique and beautiful designs.

Sustainability and Environment // For DUNN, sustainability is no fleeting trend but the basis for our mindset right from the start of our design process. We adopt an overall conscious approach of designing and manufacturing with reuse of material and minimization of waste to benefit the environment without compromising the integrity of our designs. Moreover, we work with high-quality domestic timber, unique in color and grain, from sustainable forests and our recently added aluminum pieces use up to 90% recycled aluminum.

(401) 400 0206
42 Rice Street
Providence, RI 02907

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