Summer Love

Bristol Console Table in Seasoned Black by Studio DUNN

Rhode Island is the place to be in the summer months! The rocky shorelines, beach coves, and dense woods offer sun-filled days of exploration and enjoyment. We love getting back to nature - and bringing it into the studio. Our modern, hardwood furniture captures the outdoorsy magic of a lazy summer afternoon. The beautiful, organic material is as irresistible as summer love.

The Rockport Bench and Chairs are the newest additions to our furniture collection, launched in earlier this spring. The Rockport designs play with conventional lines and proportions. Some call it American Gothic, some Scandinavian-inspired. Whatever the moniker, the contemporary seating is eye-catching, even in the prototypes below.

Rockport Bench in White Oak by Studio DUNN process shot is Mid-Century modern inspired
Two Rockport Chairs in white oak by DUNN in process at the studio

The Stillwater Club Chair has always been a favorite for it's contemporary/comfy combo. When these pieces are completed, they'll provide a perfect nook for slumbering with a book and iced tea. Our production guru, Tom, pays meticulous attention to his work.

Studio DUNN's Stillwater Club Chair in process at the studio
Studio DUNN production team member working on Stillwater Club Chairs

There's something about this Seasoned Black toned finish that we just can't get enough of! The delicate sheen, the way it highlights the grain of the white's as high-drama as any summer romance.

Rockport Console Table and Kingstown Counter Stool in Season Black by Studio DUNNDetail shot of the Rockport Console Table in Seasoned Black by Studio DUNNBristol Console Table in Seasoned Black detail shot of top with a silver cup by Studio DUNN
Top view of the Bristol Console Table in Seasoned Black by Studio DUNN with silver cup
Studio DUNN's Bristol Console Table in Seasoned Black straight on front view with white background
Summer may be coming to a close, but unlike summer love, these pieces are built to last a lifetime.
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