What's in a Designer's Knapsack?

What's in a Designer's Knapsack?

All the tools and trinkets Studio DUNN owner and designer Asher Rodriquez-Dunn carries with him in his knapsack.

I asked Asher to spill out the contents of his backpack - or "knapsack" as he inexplicably but quaintly calls it - so our readers could see the essentials he carries around on a daily basis. The follow assortment of items is what he deems necessary for an efficient day in the workshop, out and about in downtown Providence, or wherever his work may take him.

The contents of designer Asher Rodriquez-Dunn's knapsack

1. Notebook | I always carry a notebook with me to sketch and jot down new ideas for designs. My preference is for the thin, unlined Moleskin book. On average, I go through one notebook a month.

2. Pen and Pencil | I generally sketch in pen. I prefer the permanence of ink rather than pencil, which leads to obsessing over detail and constant erasing. My go-to brand is the Uniball Super Ink. Though I prefer ink, it's an old habit to have a drafting pencil or architect's pencil on hand since I used them a lot in college.

3. Mini Ruler and Tape Measure | For measuring on the go. When I see a piece of furniture with proportions that I like, it's handy to be able to pull out a tape measure to check the exact dimensions.

4. Machinist's Square | This tool is important to have around in the workshop. When I'm talking to the team about jigs or checking the squareness of the machines, this little guy is essential.

5. Business Cards | Because it's always a good time to network!

6. Computer | An important tool in my tool belt, for obvious reasons.

7. Camera and Mini Tripod | You never know when inspiration will strike and you need to capture it in an image. The tripod is perfect for my phone. I can set it up quickly to snap pictures or record short videos of the team working in the shop.

8. Magazine | I always like to have something on hand to read. Currently, I have the latest issue of New England Home.

9. Swatches | I like to carry around samples of the color pallet that I'm currently working with for quick reference on the go.

10. Headphones | I don't work well when it's too quiet, so I always have headphones on me so I can listen to music or a podcast. Currently on my playlist is a lot of instrumental jazz. I prefer music without words as it is less distracting.

11. Keyring | Of course, I always carry around my keys. As a kid, I loved playing with Legos. My husband, Adam, gave me the little Lego hotdog man on my keyring as a silly token of affection. I can't help but smile every time I see it.

There you have it! The sum total of Asher's knapsack essentials. You know you're working in a fun industry when you require color samples and Lego hotdogs on a daily basis. 

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