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Founded in 2010 by Asher Rodriquez-Dunn, Studio DUNN is a lighting design studio based in New England that develops and builds distinctive fixtures for residential and commercial applications. We draw inspiration from our study of Midcentury Modernism and Minimalism. Our fascination with nature lends an element of the organic to our work, either in form, texture, or material. We utilize traditional craftsmanship alongside contemporary manufacturing techniques to hand assemble each piece in our Rhode Island studio. DUNN’s eye-catching designs offer a thoughtful reexamination of the way we experience light.


We are a small group of talented individuals who share a passion for beautiful, handmade objects. We rely on the excellence of each member of our company, drawing on our individual strengths and interests to form a cohesive team. We look for new ways to delight and solve problems for our clients, valuing their appreciation when we customize our products to fit their specific needs. We thrive on the creative energy of our team members, who challenge and support each other, as well as the accountability we feel to our clients. Through our work, we continuously endeavor to operate in a socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible manner.


We seek to build relationships both inside and outside our studio walls. Over the years, we have worked with local artisans, manufacturers, and suppliers, finding solutions as close to our New England home as possible. We strive to responsibly source our materials and production methods, pursuing partnerships with experts in their craft. We believe this approach to design and manufacturing upholds the integrity of our products and supports our local economy. We’re tapped into an extensive network of designers, retailers, editors, writers, and photographers, all of whom have supported our work in the past and watched us grow. We wouldn’t be where we are today without these partnerships – thank you!


DUNN started 10 years ago as a design studio, teaching woodshop, and collaborative artist space dedicated to keeping craft alive and vibrant within the community. Our expertise in industrial design coupled with our experience with a diverse range of materials and manufacturing techniques quickly set us apart. We gained a reputation for our high-quality craftsmanship as well as our ability to collaborate with our clients and customize our products. The success of our Sorenthia Light enabled us to sharpen our focus, evolving into a luxury lighting studio known for our contemporary, trendsetting designs. Through it all, we have remained rooted in the tenets of quality, craft, and collaboration. Now we look ahead with the clarity a decade of experience brings, working to illuminate the future.